Customer Relations at NDL

The NDL Customer Relations exist to help customers get the most from their NDL investment. Because usage of NDL products is not limited by users or the numbers of transactions processed, the more use customers make of them, the greater their return and the longer we can work together: An investment in mutual success.
Each NDL customer is appointed a CR Manager who has experience in helping customers deliver successful projects and who understands the unique challenges of their sector. From initial customer on-boarding, to the delivery of the 100th application or integration, the CR team have a wide range of resources at their disposal and the backing of the whole NDL team, all dedicated to helping customers succeed.
Typical resources and customer entitlements available through CR:

  • Training Entitlements   -   To make sure your staff are always kept up to date
  • Consultancy Days   -   To help your team deliver your project
  • Workshops and Business Tools   -   To assist with envisaging, justifying and planning projects
  • Customer Connections   -   Connect, collaborate and share with similar organisation to minimise effort and maximise outcomes


Overall CR and NDL as a whole is all about helping customers get the best possible outcome from their investment. The CR team are there to facilitate this, to be your NDL champion. They only have customer transaction usage and satisfaction as a success measure, not sales targets!
Ask other NDL customers about our CR Team: At NDL, we listen, take action and deliver on our promises – The team would not have it any other way.