Integration: driving value, enabling channel shift and eliminating waste

The public sector is under huge pressure to cut costs by changing the way it works. Integration has moved to the top of the agenda to support this: in particular to underpin the shift to online interactions with automatic updating of back-office systems, or to join systems together to reduce or even eliminate wasteful and expensive re-keying of data.

But integration isn’t happening fast enough as too many have taken the wrong approach by using point integration solutions which are cumbersome, expensive and ultimately inflexible and restrictive.

Now, the public sector has recognised there is an alternative approach to integration which can support their key aims. With awi SX from NDL, one product takes the place of multiple disparate APIs, saving the time and cost of acquiring multiple adaptors and enabling in-house development and implementation of integration across multiple front and back-office systems. As a result, one application can update another in real time, creating a joined-up solution, extending the potential of existing systems and increasing the ROI on original investments.

Local authorities, healthcare trusts and housing associations are now all benefiting from using awi SX to integrate their disparate systems. You can read how they are achieving real savings and significantly improving service delivery by visiting our case studies page.