Application Integration Platform SX

Everything you need to integrate your applications!                     

One of the best ways to drive business efficiency and save money is to integrate existing applications. If systems can talk to each other, then there’s no need for expensive manual intervention and re-keying of data. NDL’s simple-to-use awi SX universal application integration toolkit enables disparate applications to be joined together simply and cost-effectively. It improves business flexibility and reduces errors often associated with re-keying data, saving both time and money.

• Eliminate re-keying
• Take control of your business process transformation
• Real-time, two-way integration or batch processing
• Works universally with any back-office system

Whether you want to directly integrate your web forms or mobile applications with your back-office systems, your CRM with your Line of Business applications, or if your middleware is missing that all-important connector, then NDL can help. Don't wait for complicated, expensive and often limited APIs. With NDL's universal integration technology, you could be up and running quickly and for a fraction of the cost. The experiences of over 320 major public sector organisations have proved time and again just what can be achieved and the savings that can be made with awi.

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A video interview: Norwich City Council & LGSS streamline services with SX